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A daily walk through your community park, a leisurely ride on the city bike path, a morning commute to work. We have all observed issues on our roadways and public sidewalks that have the potential to cause injuries, damage personal property, or lead to larger incidents.

A crack on a sidewalk, a pothole, a missing street sign; these are all common occurrences, regardless of the size of your town. We pass by these obstructions and hazards each and every day. Overtime, the majority of citizens get frustrated and accepts this as ‘part of the norm’ saying, “What can I do?” We often feel that no one is listening or we lack the time to research which city department should be contacted. The result? Nothing gets accomplished.

The Text To Ticket solution addresses these issues and makes it easy to report a public hazard. No longer do you have to hunt down city council members or filter through layers of Public Works Departments. This innovative solution unites your city employees and the community with a groundbreaking resolution. The Text To Ticket Service Request App is a communications system integrating digital mobility, data, and web tools into a streamlined solution that facilitates service requests and drives results.

We love our neighborhoods and work hard to keep our property and community beautiful and safe. City governments work diligently keeping the roadways and public thoroughfares safe and clean. Now with our Service Requested App, the public and city government are united in a comprehensive service to better their streets, walkways, and community.

Service Request

enter Increased Efficiency

Get citizen service requests to the right department or staff member

where can i buy Seroquel without prescription Action-Ready Analytics

Rely on real time information to make data driven decisions

source url Full Backend CRM

Clients can view all submissions and easily review, manage and delegate

Flexible Solutions

Use our full product suite for end-to-end coverage or choose what works for you

Easier Everyday Operations

Record customer data, reconcile requests and create custom reports

Increased Citizen Engagement

Our commenting function enables cities to easily follow up with citizens and to send updates about their requests or reports

How It Works


Identify the service request that needs to be addressed.

text to ticket

You must clearly record the issue. Zoom in to help identify the service request.

text to ticket

You must clearly record the issue. Zoom in to help identify the service request.


After you have captured everything, simply review your video to make sure everything is clearly there.

text to ticket

Once reviewed, just hit the submit button and we’ll take it from there!

text to ticket

Once reviewed, just hit the submit button and we’ll take it from there!

Streamline & Innovate


For Citizens:

  • Easily submit service requests, code violations as well as parking and distracted driving issues.
  • Receive updates and access city information.
  • Centralized location for citizens to engage their city government through their mobile device

For City Governments:

  • Fully branded mobile app.
  • Includes example videos and answers to residents’ and/or staffs most common questions with actionable insights.
  • Track and resolve issues efficiently.
  • Get requests to the right departments quickly.
  • Manage the full citation lifecycle with an easy to use backend portal
  • Act on violations in real time.
  • Streamline ticketing process to generate revenue.

Everything You Could Ever Need All In One Place

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Getting Started Is Easy

At Text To Ticket, we simplify the process of Getting Started

Text To Ticket provides you flexible purchase and deployment options to accelerate and streamline our community solutions. Choose between fixed, volume or a subscription based plan that best suits your needs.

Municipalities are striving to do more with less.  Moving to a cloud deployment model significantly reduces infrastructure, equipment, software and staff resourcing requirements. Every city is moving toward becoming a 3.0 city.  If your municipality prefers to own and maintain their infrastructure, equipment and applications, our platform can be deployed on premise at the departments data center.

Sole Source

Depending on which services you elect to go with, Text To Ticket would be eligible to enter into a Sole Sourced Agreement with your city. Most of our services are unique and one of a kind solutions.


Request for Formal Proposals

As the first step of every procurement process, RFP issuance can be time-consuming. Why re-invent the wheel rather than leverage document templates and save yourself a few precious hours? Text To Ticket’s RFP Library makes it easier for you by providing:

RFP Word documents with structures and components most commonly used by municipalities

text to ticket